Artist Statement

I am a representational artist, which implies painting that which you know, which in my case means my own life. I prefer working from direct observation (although some of the paintings here employed photo references out of necessity), and throwing every ounce of energy, passion – one’s entire being, basically – into the painting, much like a method actor pours him or herself into a character.

Some of these paintings were done quickly, almost improvised like a musician jamming. Others took many hours and in some cases, years, before they were completed, because I didn’t know where I was going or what I was trying to say, and it was only in the act of painting that I was able to resolve some questions, and more often than not, raise new ones.

I’m hoping the work jars you, makes you laugh, makes you think, or at the very least, makes you pause and stop, maybe — just maybe — for a moment shifting your consciousness in some small way from the ordinary to the sublime.