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  • Molly (in progress)

    Molly (in progress)

    These are kind of crappy cell phone photos of the first pass from life of my good friend Pete's daughter, Molly. She did 5 10-minute poses and was a very good sport.  We'll probably need to do two more sessions to finish. I'll post as I go.

    42x21", oil on linen.

    Here's the set-up.

    As you can tell, I was mostly concentrating on her face and will fix things as I move down. But you can see the sight-size approach (setting the canvas side-by-side with the subject and walking back and forth from a fixed spot to apply paint). I'm becoming more and more convinced of its merits for speed, accuracy and freedom. There's really no need to paint from photos unless one absolutely must.

    Her father, Pete, for those who know him, had open-heart surgery yesterday at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and all reports are that things went well.