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Toy Lifes

by Tara Heuser

Last Friday I found myself among the art loving crowd at Studio Gallery for
the opening of “Toy Lifes”, a solo exhibition by the multi-faceted artist Mark
Giaimo. “Toy Lifes” is a collection of still life paintings of, you guessed it,
toys. The idea behind “Toy Lifes” stems from the desire to remove toys
from their predictably commercial context and place them in a more
elevated, artistic environment. By looking at these fun objects of play in a
more serious setting, they become both an homage and satire of academic
still lifes.
Looking at Mark Giaimo’s collection of oil paintings, it is hard to imagine
that his first formal painting class was merely five years ago. His color
combinations and brushstrokes are pure perfection. From a green Shrek
surrounded by a purple background to Bugs Bunny poised alongside a
Romanesque bust to a nun with glowing green eyes set against a fiery red
background, Giaimo’s toys come to life with an energetic burst and a
talented hand. All of the paintings in “Toy Lifes” are framed in hand crafted
wooden frames designed specifically for this show. I asked Mark Giaimo
what made him choose toys as the subject of this exhibition and he
answered by expressing his wish to take a break from the seriousness of
the still life genre and paint something fun. While he upholds nineteenth
century academic techniques, Giaimo mixes the past with the present,
keeping pace with the heartbeat of contemporary society.
Aside from being a gifted painter, Mark Giaimo is also an award winning
political cartoonist, illustrator and musician. He was recently named one of
two alternating illustrators for the Sunday Washington Post Magazine’s
graphic reportage feature, Our Town. Check out “Toy Lifes” on display at
Studio Gallery through the end of the month!

“Toy Lifes” at Studio Gallery, 2108 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20008,
202-232-8734, Gallery hours: Sun-Thurs 1-7 PM, Fri and Sat 1-8 PM