Mark Giaimo

A pair of black gardening gloves covered in paint hang on a white wall.
A pair of olive green Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers sit atop a blue sheet against a salmon background.
A turquoise umbrella hangs against an orange background.
A pair of Converse All-Stars olive sneakers hang from a grey background.
A red Epiphany hollow-body electric guitar, a pack of Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings, a black coiled guitar cord and a phallic vocal mic, hang against a plywood background.
A turquoise box holds a glass of water, a pitcher of water while a pair of glasses leans against it.
A Charlie Brown vinyl toy in profile stares at a human skull perched on a pile of books against a white background while a small Nunzilla toy looks on.
A vinyl toy of the Rice Krispies cereal Krackle, is standing on a jar of paint with a paint brush protruding phalically from the jar, and stares at a plaster cast bust of Lesbos, against an oil painting palette.
A plaster cast of Lesbos stands behind a vinyl toy of Mapo Marky against a green background.
A vinyl toy of Mapo Marky reads a book while a skull stares out behind him against a shadowed violet background.
A momento mori of a sunburst Fender guitar hangs behind a skull, sand clock and an egg perched on a book with drumsticks.
A vinyl toy of Donkey Kong scratches his head while looking in profile at two colored eggs against a green background and on top of a triangular striped cloth.
A plastic pull-toy of Bugs Bunny sits atop and against a striped cloth background.
A collection of antique toys and toy sock puppets is perched on a green cloth against a grey background.
A chalice holds prayer beads against an ochre background an atop of a blue table cloth.
A small espresso shot glass sits atop a Nespresso latte maker in front of a white plate against a dark background.
A Christmas Cactus plant sits atop a blue sheet draped in front of a brown background.
A white container and prayer beads sit atop a brown dresser with a draped olive cloth.
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