Mark Giaimo

A pretty young woman dressed in a red blouse sits  beneath a circular mirror and looks out in three quarter profile.
A birds-eye view of a pretty woman lying on her back with an acoustic guitar on her lap and a notebook in her hand
A woman measures a mushroom cloud through her viewfinder as she creates a landscape painting.
A man is rests in repose on a woman's lap.
A musician tries to unlock the door  to get into the rehearsal space while his annoyed bandmates look on.
A middle-aged man holds a Gretsch electric guitar.
A woman in profile looks downward.
A black and white and red painting of a guitarist soloing.
A teenage girl stands in profile juxtaposed with a diamond-shaped background.
An exhausted woman in a red dress sits at her kitchen table with a bottle of whiskey.
An elderly man stares straight ahead from a dark background
A young man with beard and a hat sits in a red chair looking straight ahead.
A young black woman with a pensive look stares ahead from a turquoise background.
A young man with blond hair and a beard looks downward with green drapes in the background.
A father, wife and toddler sit outside on a patio bench in daylight.
A young woman in a white blouse looks pensively downward against a black background.
An elderly woman with a small smile  in a red checkered jacket and wearing pearls against a black background.
A pretty woman in a sun hat and green blouse sleeps on a metro train car.
A young woman leans on her lover's shoulder on a bus while traffic trails behind them.
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