Mark Giaimo

Young pretty woman in scarlet blouse in 3/4 profile against a light blue background with mirror haloing her head.
A young man lies in the lap of a young woman against a dark background.
A woman painter views a mushroom cloud through a viewfinder while painting it.
Woman lying on back with acoustic guitar in lap and notebook in her right hand.
A group of musicians wait impatiently for a band member to unlock the rehearsal space.  Empty beer cans on ground.
Portrait of a young man holding a bass guitar with a fan in the background.
A woman seated on a Metro train lost in thought with an open book on her lap
An exhausted young woman leans on her boyfriend on  a bus with cars visible through the back window.
An exhausted woman with a bottle of whiskey resting in the dark of her kitchen in a red dress.
Portrait sketch of a woman in profile.
Portrait of a man with a receding hairline looking downward in front of a green curtain.
Bravura portrait of man with glasses against a purplish background.
A bearded man seated  in a red chair wearing a hat stares at the viewer in front of a green backdrop.
Portrait of a young Latina woman in a contraposto pose.
Unfinished portrait of a woman standing cross armed in front of a window looking confidently away from the viewer.
Portrait of a man holding an electric guitar.
Painting of a teenage girl in profile leaning against a wall decorated in jagged wallpaper.
A black woman looks out against a turquoise background.
A bald, old man with glasses  stares ahead against a black background.
An elderly woman with glasses in a red plaid blazer looks at the viewer against a black and white background.
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