Supply List


Use Artist Grade Oil Paints only! 

Recommended brands:

Plaza Oils (these are inexpensive but good)

Utrecht (also inexpensive but good). Available at Blick Art downtown

Gamblin (good price, better quality) DO NOT use Gamblin 1980 brand – it’s student grade and not very good.

Winsor & Newton Artist Grade (also good and slightly more expensive). DO NOT use their Winton brand -- they're crap. 

Basic Colors (must haves):

1.     Titanium White

2.     Ivory Black

3.     Raw Umber

4.     Permanent Alizarin Crimson 

5.     Cadmium Red Medium 

6.     Cadmium Yellow Medium

7.      Ultramarine Blue

Optional colors: 

1.     Yellow Ochre

2.     Burnt Umber

3.     Burnt Sienna

4.     Indian Red

4.     Viridian


Plaza Georgetown Filberts. These are good inexpensive brushes. 
Get two of each of sizes 2, 4 and 6. 

Synthetic brushes.  Any brand. Two Size 4 synthetic brushes, flat or filbert


14x18” or 16x20” canvas. Plaza and Blick have good student value-packs. You shouldn’t need more than 4 or 5 canvases total.


It's a good idea to apply a couple of coats of gesso onto your pre-gessoed canvas. 


Gamsol or Turpenoid Slow Dry

A sealed container for the above that doesn't leak

Gamblin Galkyd gel


12x16” or larger. Get one with a thumbhole. They also have them in disposable pads which are nice for class. 

Paper Towels (blue shop towels are best)

Palette knife

Blue Painters tape

Knitting needle. Essential!

DRAWING SUPPLIES (for drawing class only)


·      Pastel pad 12x18” or larger. Can be white or various colors.

·      Vine Charcoal sticks (Soft, Medium or Hard and various thickness)

·      Set of 12 Hard Pastels

·      Mechanical Pencil or Lead pencil

·      Kneaded eraser

·      Pink rubber eraser (optional)

·      Ruler (optional)

·      Long Handled Paint brush (any shape or size)

·      Charcoal stumps 

·      Masking tape

·      Knitting needle or skewers 

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