Untied. 11x14, oil on linen, 2022. Sold

Shoe Diptych, two 6x12", oil on board. 2023. Sold.

Red Shoes, 11x14," oil on linen board, 2023. Available at Calloway Fine Arts & Consulting.

Cons, 11x16, oil on linen, 2022. Available at Calloway Fine Arts & Consulting.

Rock'N'Roll Dyptych, two 6x12, oil on board, 2018 Sold.

My Paint Gloves, 11x14, oil on linen, 2022. Private Collection

Untitled, 16x20", oil on canvas, 2023. Available.

Prayer Beads, 12x8," oil on linen., 2015. Available

Open and Closed, 18x12,” oil on linen, 2010, available. 

Blue Umbrella, 18x24, oil on linen, 2022

Rock’n’Roll Still Life , 24x34, oil on linen, 2017. Available at Calloway Fine Arts & Consulting.

Rockumento Mori, 18x24, oil on linen, 2018

Golden Brown, 30x48," oil and metal leaf on canvas, 2016 . Sold

Passage of Time, 30x20," oil on linen, 2016. Sold

LSD, 43x34," oil on linen, 2015. Sold

Fall of Chicken Little, 64x40," oil on found photographic canvas, 2016 . Sold

Pedestals, 26x32," oil on linen. NFS

The Tempest, 30x42, oil on linen, 2016. Available

Allegory of Love, 18x 24", oil on linen, 2022. Available

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